Providing consulting services and capacity building support for nonprofits, responsible small businesses and start-ups

About Sage Advice

Ashley Coady Smith is the Founder of Sage Advice. After a decade of living in the Western Slope of Colorado and working with nonprofits, Ashley understands the importance of community. Her extensive experience includes project management, fundraising & development,  event production, media/communications, and administrative support. 

The ethos of Sage Advice is to conduct meaningful work that is dedicated to our community, our environment, and the well-being of others.

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Ashley Coady Smith


Sage Advice Services

Sage Advice is dedicated to providing select small businesses and nonprofits with solutions and services that will help grow and sustain their organizations. The company is dedicated to providing excellence and creating a positive, responsible impact within the Telluride Community and beyond.

  • project/program management

  • grant writing, fundraising & organizational development

  • event production

  • media/communications

  • administrative and HR support

  • free community strategic start-up planning consultations (limited to 1-3 hours/org or individual)