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 Capacity Building 

When you aren't quite ready as a small business or nonprofit to take the leap of growing your company or organization, you can breath easy with Sage Advice's contracted support offered on a quarterly basis. Make calculated decisions and future projections without the staff commitment. From administrative support roles to event production and project oversight, learn your needs as an organization without the growing pains.

 Creating Connections 

Tell a story that gives your brand a relatable image to create deeper connections with your audience. Increase and enhance your presence on public forums, through broadcasting, web and social platforms, influencers and through popular strategic outreach.


Providing the resources and support to take on new initiatives. Aligning goals and objectives between funder and each individual project and organization mission. Affording new opportunities for growth and finding long-term sustainability. 

 Sage Advice Current

& Past Clients: 

  • Telluride Institute: Telluride Mushroom Festival

  • Telluride Mountain Club

  • Tim's Naturals

  • True North Youth Program 

  • Trust for Community Housing

  • Tomboy Butcher

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phone: 7275109666

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